Bomb Trailer, Bomb Disposal Robots, Bomb Suits & Helmets, Portable X-ray System

One-Stop Solutions

Integrated Solutions for Bomb Disposal & EOD

One-stop solutions protect the lives of the EOD agents, and reduce external threats between operations.

It ensures a safe and successful performance in any operational environment.

To create a one-stop solution, we are constantly seeking out the best in EOD technology. We provide packaged solutions based on our extensive knowledge of the EOD field, as well as listening to end-user feedback.

We offer customizable one-stop solutions which satisfy testing requirements, meet the needs of end-users, and have proven operational ability in a variety of environments world-wide.

EOD Equipment Category


The world's first commercially produced explosive transport system.

Trusted bomb disposal suits for use in EOD and IEDD.

The most innovative and reliable total X-ray solutions.

ROVs, integrated equipment for EOD/IEDD, Search and Reconnaissance missions.