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EOD Suit 


A highly versatile, modular, lightweight suit

The TAC 6E is a highly versatile and lightweight suit for Military EOD Operators and Bomb Technicians supporting SWAT teams/bomb squads.

It protects against blast and fragmentation in ‘non-permissive’ environments where it is not possible or practical to wear a full scale, heavy bomb suit.

The Med-Eng TAC 6E is based on a set of modular components that can be added or removed to meet specific operational and protective requirements. Components cover the Chest, Shoulders, Upper and Lower Arms, Groin, Upper and Lower Legs. It integrates with Tactical and Combat helmets and the Med-Eng TAC and ARC Visor Systems.


  • Excellent protection from blast overpressure, fragmentation, impact (acceleration and deceleration) and heat/flame

  • Military Applications: Dismounted IEDD, Airmobile IEDD, Route Clearance, Demining, UXO, Search, Suicide Bomber, Dog Handlers

  • Police & Law Enforcement Applications: EOD / SWAT Integration, Search, Dog Handlers, Suicide Bomber

  • High Mobility: Lightweight ergonomic design lets users run, walk, climb, bend, lift and reach more easily

  • Configurable: Users can add or remove modular protective components as needed

  • SuitUp Sizing: Components are available in numerous sizes for an ergonomic fit

  • Proven: Subjected to rigorous and documented blast and ballistic testing

  • Head Protection: Compatible with common Combat and Tactical Helmets and Med-Eng TAC Visor System

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