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Concealable Armor, Tactical Armor, Communications, Duty Gear, Protective Gear

Safariland Group


The Safariland Group, a company with a rich heritage in the law enforcement and sporting markets, encompasses a group of recognized and well-respected brands known for their innovation and quality. The Safariland Group designs, engineers, researches, and delivers their protective equipment products to a global market. They continuously seek new innovations to add to the premier group of product lines that protect law enforcement, military and security professionals. This year, Safariland Group celebrates their 55th year anniversary of providing trusted and innovative life-saving equipment to law enforcement, military, outdoor recreation and personal protection markets.

Protective Equipment Category

Concealable Armor.jpg

Purpose-built for protection, comfort and fit for the demanding way an officer moves and works.

Tactical Armor.jpg

Optimum protection against a full array of threats.


Digital hearing technologies for the tactical use.

Duty Gear.jpg

Holsters and accessories for law enforcement officers and competition shooters.

Protective Gear.jpg

Protective performance gloves for law enforcement, tactical, military, medical.

Less Lethal.jpg

Duty aerosols and less lethal impact weapons for jammer products, chemical weapons, etc.

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