Harma System

Project Summary

Harma System is a vehicle control system to maintain the optimum environment
(temperature/carbon monoxide) for the safety of working K-9’s. It is based on IOT
technology. It has the ability to be monitored from a pager supplied to the handler and also
via the app available for Android and IOS based mobile devices.

Harma System

The new Harma System has the original Premier K9 features: fan, pager and thermal alarm, door opening and window controls, but with the development of the new platform, the added capabilities include the following: camera, display, and carbon monoxide detection.

Premier K-9

The original features of thermal alarm, has been augmented with carbon monoxide detection, along with options for door opening and window ventilation, door opening and the addition of monitoring via mobile devices on Android and IOS.

Key Features

- It is possible to check the internal environment of the vehicle through simple operation.
- Vehicle light, siren, ventilator, door & window control.
- It is possible to check and control the internal environment of the vehicle through the pager.
- Remote control at a distance of up to 100 yards via WIFI and Bluetooth.
- Vehicle control with Android / IOS based mobile device.
- Completed the test run (Tests to check performance, vibration, noise, temperature, wear, etc.)